nVent RAYCHEM QTVR heating cables are parallel, self regulating trace heating cables for frost protection and process temperature maintenance of large pipes and of large pipes and process temperature maintenance of pipes and vessels up to 110°C (230°F). Not intended for applications subjected to steam cleaning.

Additional product information:

  • Unconditional T4 temperature classification simplifies designs in hazardous locations
  • Multiple overlaps capability with no risk of overheating
  • Uniform pipe temperatures due to self regulating effect
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Reduced installation time with state-of-the-art connection kits

Technical Specifications

Nominal Power output @ 10°C38 W/m51 W/m64 W/m
Nominal voltage230 Vac230 Vac230 Vac
Maximum circuit length115 m100 m115 m
Maximum maintain or continuous exposure temperature (power on)110°C110°C110°C
Maximum intermittent exposure temperature (power on)110°C110°C110°C
Temperature classificationT4T4T4


Warranty Information

Warranty Extension Available

RAYCHEM Self-regulating Heat Tracing System Installation Video

Connection and Protection