nVent RAYCHEM VPL is a family of parallel, power limiting heating cables, designed for pipe and equipment trace heating in industrial applications. These heating cables can be used for frost protection and process temperature maintenance requiring high power output and/or high temperature exposure. RAYCHEM VPL provides process temperature maintenance up to 230°C and can withstand routine steam purges..

  • Available in 230Vac and 400Vac versions to allow for extended circuit lengths from a single power supply point.
  • Cables can be overlapped without any risk of overheating due to power limiting characteristics
  • Continuous exposure temperature (power off) capabilities of up to 260ºC for steam cleaning applications
  • Can be cut to length and terminated on site
  • Reduced installation time due to state-of-the-art connection kits (sold separately)
  • Approved for use in hazardous locations

Technical Specifications

Nominal Power output @ 10°C15 W/m30 W/m45 W/m61 W/m
Nominal voltage230 Vac230 Vac230 Vac230 Vac
Maximum circuit length220 m155 m130 m110 m
Maximum maintain or continuous exposure temperature (power on)230°C210°C180°C150°C
Maximum continous exposure temperature (power off)260°C260°C260°C260°C

Nominal Power output @ 10°C12 W/m24 W/m36 W/m49 W/m
Nominal voltage400 Vac400 Vac400 Vac400 Vac
Maximum circuit length450 m320 m260 m225 m
Maximum maintain or continuous exposure temperature (power on)230°C215°C195°C150°C
Maximum continous exposure temperature (power off)260°C260°C260°C260°C


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