JB-EX-21 - Junction Boxes for trace heating cables


Fibre glass re-enforced junction box for nVent RAYCHEM FMT/FHT, RAYCHEM XPI and RAYCHEM MI trace heating cables using M20 connection kits.

These junction boxes are used to make reliable connections between heating cables, cold lead cables and a power cable.

The junction box JB-EX-21 can be used to enter up to 6 series resistance heat tracing cables and one power cable.

The box can be either wall mounted or pipe mounted using various support brackets.

Key features and benefits:

  • Easy installation and maintenance
    • spacious inside
    • uses spring-type terminals
  • Highly reliable, as fully tested in combination with heating cables
  • Compatible with power cables of cross sections up to 10 mm²
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas

For heating and power cables with bigger cross sections, higher currents or different entries, refer to junction boxes type JB-82, JB-EX-20, JB-EX-21/35MM2, JB-EX-25/35MM2 and JB-EX-32/35MM2

Technical Specifications

Entries6 x M20, 1 x M32
Terminals6 x 10 mm² (2 PE), spring type
Max operating current53 A
Dimensions (mm)160 x 160 x 90
Approved for use in hazardous areasYes


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