nVent RAYCHEM CCON20-100-PI Conduit Connection Kit


RAYCHEM CCON20-100-PI conduit connection kit for XPI series resistance trace heating cables

Conduit systems are used for flexible protection of heat tracing cables and cold lead cables against mechanical damage between a junction box and the entry into the insulation. They are recommended in areas of high risk of exposure to mechanical damage (e.g. areas of high traffic for maintenance activities, loading arms etc.).

The RAYCHEM CCON20-100-PI is a cold applied connection and conduit adaptor kit to terminate the complete range of RAYCHEM XPI trace heating cables into a junction box via the conduit system CCON2x-C…

Using this kit, RAYCHEM PI series resistance heat tracing cables can be directly terminated into the junction box (no cold lead required), refer to special conditions in the installation instructions.

  • The kits are available in 3 sizes, depending on the diameter of the PI trace heating cable or cold lead cable:
    • CCON20-100-PI-A: Ø range 4.0 – 6.5 mm
    • CCON20-100-PI-B: Ø range 6.5 – 9.5 mm
    • CCON20-100-PI-A: Ø range 9.5 – 13 mm
  • The included connections are compatible with M20 size conduits of type CCON20-C…

Key benefits:

  • Additional mechanical protection whilst maintaining flexibility
  • No cold lead required, eliminates need of extra connection kit
  • Excellent resistance against exposure to UV and chemicals
  • Extra seal in connection maintains IP rating of JB seal even when conduit is damaged
  • Electrostatic load discharging materials meet requirements for use in hazardous areas


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